Fall SavingsEvery home and business owner wants to save money on the cost of energy bills! Believe it or not, there are lots of small things you can do that add up to big savings on energy. Did you know that turning your thermostat down only one degree will save you 2% on your energy bill? Keep reading for more easy ways to save money on your energy bill this fall!


Maximize Efficiency to Save Energy and Money

  1. Run your fans clockwise. Heat rises, but a clockwise-spinning fan will push warm air back down to you and your family. You can also capitalize on the warm air in your home by installing a humidifier, which can make your home feel warmer and allow you to lower your thermostat without compromising comfort.
  2. Lock your windows. While this is a good safety precaution, it also provides a tighter seal on drafty windows. By keeping them closed tight, you keep the warm air in and the cold air out.
  3. Uncover all heating vents. Make sure they aren’t covered by furniture, drapes, or clutter. Keeping vents open is a good safety practice, as blocked heating vents pose a fire hazard, but it will also allow your home to be heated efficiently and evenly.
  4. Schedule a heating system tune-up. Scheduling a tune-up will make sure your heating system is running efficiently, and will let you know if you air filters need to be replaced. Dusty filters prevent heat from exiting the system, which is a huge waste of energy and money. Call Genove at 781-893-9191 to schedule your tune-up today and ensure that your heating equipment is running at peak efficiency.
  5. Take advantage of free solar power. Leave south-facing blinds open during the daytime to soak up the sun and heat your home naturally. Just don’t forget to close the blinds when the sun goes down, or you may experience draftiness.
  6. Wash your laundry in cold water. Use cool water to wash your laundry, which will allow you to save energy on water heating. This also saves your hot water for heat-sensitive things, like showers!


Using these tips will make your home feel warmer while saving you money on your heating bill! You can also feel good about running your heating system efficiently and making a smaller carbon footprint, which is something to be proud of. Which energy-saving tip did you find most helpful? Let us know!